Ever wondered what inspired the inception of a dress that you like?

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August 8, 2020
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October 9, 2020

Ever wondered what inspired the inception of a dress that you like?

Ever wondered what inspired the inception of a dress that you like? If you are a design enthusiast you must have some idea of how the process flows or maybe you read something about in one of your fashion books or picked some hints while watching your favorite designer documentary or a fashion film.

Well, what if we share with you the real process behind it? Now don’t get too excited; we are not letting out all our secrets, but a just little insight that may help you appreciate all the well-designed products in your wardrobe.

When we are asked to create, the first thing an outsider will ask us:

  • “From where do you start?”
  • “On what lines do you think?”
  • “How do you get inspired?”
  • “What forecast did you follow?”

Now to answer the above question quite honestly,

  • “From where do you start?” – we never stop!
  • “On what lines do you think?” – all the lines, from geometry to nature to imaginary lines of our thoughts
  • “How do you get inspired?”- From everywhere, right from entangled threads to the most beautiful architectural structures!
  • “What forecast did you follow?” – ummm, probably none, it is strong inside feeling of knowing what will work and want our heart will desire.

Sometimes, or maybe many a times, last minute panic designs happen to be the best of our creations!

Every design we start is with a thought or a chance discovery like for this(picture) one. Walking around our factory, we happen to spot these bunched packet of sequins and we fall in love with that jumble of colors. We pick it up and keep it aside, because on the inside the seed of an idea is taking shape. Yes those colors, that pop of yellow, that pink, that blue! Screaming to be used together!

This time we sat down with our tools (pencils and blank sheet of paper of course!) and we started drawing, putting the image that has been conjured in our mind down onto paper. Then we trace it, and make very tiny holes on it and transfer the design on the final swatch fabric. We color code each motif and assign direction, color, technique, thread color, and then the magic begins! Stitch after stitch, the blank fabric comes to life with those colors, the design from our mind is taking shape. We change few things along the process, play with it some more and make it work! What do you think? Is it working out well?

And this is just the beginning of ‘one’ design swatch for a collection that may have 100 designs!

P.s. watch out for our next post on how we tweak and turn it into a product, which you could fall for!

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